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Cylindra is a Python module for image analysis of cylindric structures in cryo-ET. Spectral analysis, simulation and subtomogram averaging of heterogenic cylindrical structures are implemented.


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Major Dependencies

These are the major dependencies of cylindra. You don't have to fully understand them, but knowing them will help you to use cylindra more efficiently.

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  • numpy: Most of the basic mathmatical operations, such as trigonometric functions and vector operations are done with this library.
  • scipy: Some of the advanced functions, such as Fourier transformation, 3D rotation and spline fitting are done with this library.
  • polars: A library for tabular data analysis, with beautifully designed API.
  • napari: Multi-dimensional image viewer. Many of the visualization functions in cylindra are based on this library.
  • magicgui: A powerful GUI generator for Python. This library "hides" the complexity of GUI programming, making the code very clean.
  • magic-class: An extension of magicgui that can convert Python classes into a multi-functional GUI.Multi-threading, macro recording, command palette and undoing are implemented in this library.
  • impy: A Python library for image processing.
  • acryo: A Python library for parallel cryo-ET data analysis.


If you find cylindra useful in your work, please consider citing our paper.

Heterogeneous local structures of the microtubule lattice revealed by cryo-ET and non-averaging analysis
Hanjin Liu, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Masahide Kikkawa, Tomohiro Shima
bioRxiv 2024.04.30.591984; doi: